Once the crowd-sale has successfully reached its goal, the off-chain process (old world) will be initiated immediately. This means that the seller and investor-representation will schedule a notary meeting to sign the contract. This process might take up to two weeks, but we will keep you updated throughout via email and through the platform. 

Once the contract has been signed the payment to the seller will be released from the crowd-sale smart contract, which automatically enables the investors to collect their share of the property by clicking Claim tokens on the property details page. 

This process is the same as investing in the property. The only difference is the Invest button becomes Claim tokens. You’ll use the same wallet to claim your tokens as you did to invest. The same wallet you used to invest must be used to claim tokens.

In the event a crowd-sale does not reach its goal, you can claim your refund in the same way you claimed your tokens. Instead of clicking Claim tokens, this button will be Claim refund. Again the same wallet used to invest must be used.

Note: Going through the DApp is optional - experienced users can complete this process directly through their wallet.

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